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Who we are

Her energy ignites a stadium. Loved by fans, players, Cheerleaders and Falcons executives alike, Carolyn BirdLady  Freeman is the Atlanta Falcons Biggest Fan!  HOOTY HOO**



Carolyn was anointed “BirdLady” 23 years ago by Falcon legends Jessie Tuggle and Jamal Anderson, interrupting their conversation to get Jamal to dance with her his famous “Dirty Bird” routine.  When he refused and insisted that she dance, Carolyn immediately began shaking her bottom and flapping her arms. They began to laugh, Jessie commented that she was a Dirty Bird, Jamal then said “No, That’s our BirdLady!” she has remained a loyal and recognizable fan. Her elaborate, colorful costumes inspires instant smiles and coupled with her singing voice have won her awards such as ‘Performer of the Game.











The BirdLady’s calendar is filled every month with some type of event. Mostly charity or school visits. So it has truly become a full-time undertaking. BirdLady Cares Inc. was created so that The BirdLady could place all of her charity work under one umbrella. 


The BirdLady’s Mission Is Threefold:

*Put an end to Child Abuse and Domestic Violence and bullying.

*Raise funds in support of programs and charities that serve children's health and physical exercise issues.

*Encourage and support children seeking higher education. Provide tutoring and mentorship programs and  college scholarships.








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